Adulting Collective came together because we kept hearing, “I’m smart, but there’s some stuff I was never taught.”

This is a space where you can:

  • Find out how to do that stuff you don’t know. Watch videos, attend webinars, read quick graphics, follow challenges and check off tasks.
  • Meet other adults who can help show you how to do the stuff you don’t know
  • Meet other adults who are in the same boat as you. They get it. You connect. Who knows, maybe you make a new internet BFF or start a romance with some dude in Chicago.

Being an adult can mean knowing how to do some mundane, seriously important stuff every damn day… but we keep it light and easy. This isn’t your grandmother’s Home Ec class or your dad’s ancient accountant who doesn’t realize  we need to handle our finances differently than the days you could pick up a family-sized home on a $15k/year salary. We are relevant to your life.

Adulting Collective was started by therapist, Rachel Weinstein and other friends who were sometimes baffled by adulting! The Adulting School (as it was called then) held live pop-up events at bars and restaurants in Portland, Maine. Casual meet ups where adults could grab a beer and learn a new useful skill such as, Improv Cooking (make a meal with what you already have in your cupboards), How to Change a Car Tire, Network Like a Pro, and Save Money While Paying Off Debt.

When media caught wind of our live events they came to visit us in Portland and we found that people around the world wanted to be a part of what we were doing! We brought on a team of talented folks to help us build a website that could reach everyone, a community that you’d come to because you feel normal here. Not dumb, not a hopeless excuse for an adult one microwave button away from blowing up your apartment. (Side note, paper plates that have fun foil print on them CAN NOT GO IN THE MICROWAVE TURNS OUT THAT IS METAL AND CATCHES ON FIRE.)

We all need to learn something or at least have a refresher. Adulting Collective is your place to get your daily life organized in an easy way. And we’re so glad you’re here to normalize adulthood with us.

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